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Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Farm Address:
7641 Xanadu Farm Drive
Frederick, CO 80504



September/October 2014




Curt and Nancy Gedney of Hummingherd Alpacas on their purchase of our interest in our impact herdsire, EastWind’s Snowstorm.
Our Herdsire Row boast 2 of his champion sons,
Xanadu P Adorno & Xanadu P Aristide & Xanadu P Corsair, his up and coming grandson, sired by Road Warrior.
Snowstorm has been a tremendous building block for our program and we know he’ll continue to have a large impact on the US industry.

EastWind’s Snowstorm





We first fell in love with PC Running Late when Phil Mizrahie brought him to the AAA Futurity as a juvenile and he took Color Champion.

He’s the son of Peruvian import, Accoyo Titan & 4 Peruvian Mona, making him a fresh pedigree for us and most olther breeders.

We’ll co-own him with Magical Farms

where he’s been a star for over 9 years.


He’ll be working at Xanadu beginning October 15th this year
and will be with us from September through December each year.
Book your breedings now.

PC Running Late



Xanadu Farm Approach to Pastures and Paddocks

Part 2


Waterers, Fencing & Inside Space

Waterers: In Colorado we need heated waterers and the Nelson waterers have been the most reliable.
Each is installed on top of a 4’ long, insulated concrete pipe, flared at the top.
Each is on a fence line or corner with the opening framed in so 2 or 3 pens can share one waterer.
We’ve included a standpipe, mister, electric outlets and a safety gate.



Waterer Serving 3 Paddocks



Fencing: We use 2” x 1” woven wire, locally called “no climb”. The mesh size avoids heads and legs getting stuck.
All interior fences are 4’ high on 10’ center wooden posts, and perimeter fences and the herdsire paddock fences are 5’.
Our common predators are coyotes and occasionally domestic dogs, and we rely on the combination of fencing
and our Maremma guard dogs for protection.

Perimeter fencing is nailed on the inside (alpaca side) of the posts to make mowing easier.
We use “kiwi” latches that we’ve modified by welding a bar onto them and also use the 2 point fixed latches.

Modified “Kiwi” Latch

2 Point Latch

Flexible Inside Space: Except for a birthing stall, the inside of our barn is open.
We use lightweight panels to divide the space into a variety of pens as we need them.
We’ve put “O” rings into the walls to anchor them, and they’re easily moved and secured.
When there not being used they store on the wall out of the way.






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303-902-1741 (C)    303-651-0785 (Fax)

Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Farm Address:
7641 Xanadu Farm Drive
Frederick, CO 80504