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"Eastwind's Snowstorm"
We're getting our 1st full crop of his
crias on the ground and they're stunning
He just won Fleece Get of Sire at
GWAS with the judge saying he
was the "Clear Winner.

"Xanadu P Aristide"
EastWind's Snowstorm son

We can't help bragging a little
He's just 8 months and has shown 4 times
1st and Color Champion - MoPaca Show
1st and Reserve Champion - AAA Futurity
1st and Color Champion - GWAS Show

First Place and Reserve Champion - AOBA


"Breeding True"

When we're asked what makes a successful, 20 year breeding program, the
first thing I think of is alpacas who "breed true".  Each new Xanadu
generation inherits and builds upon a foundation of consistent and
predicable quality from deep in their pedigrees.

Our farm manager, Karen, made some lovely notecards this Christmas
with this photo of three of our juvenile boys.  I was struck by how
similar (and handsome) these boys are.  They all trace their pedigrees
deep into our program and are perfect examples of what "breeding true"
means here at Xanadu.


Xanadu P Aristide
Sire: Eastwind's Snowstorm
Great Grandsire:

PRTI Presidio's Muscat
Sire: Presidio

Xanadu P Cordoba
Sire: Eastwind's Snowstorm

Xanadu AOBA Package Specials

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#1 - Full Peruvian Barnabus Daughters
+ Xanadu Breedings

All come with Xanadu breedings & our live cria guarantee

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Xanadu P Marabou

Xanadu P Finale

Xanadu P Insouciance


We’re discounting this package 20%

In celebration of our 20th Birthday


 Package Price $14,800



Xanadu P Marabou – Bred and Owned Champion + Two-time Reserve Champion

daughter from our wonderful fawn Presidio daughter/Bueno granddaughter,

Xanadu P Trousseau. Full sister, Millefiori, is in our foundation herd and

full brother, Mistral, is a fawn, multiple champion. 

Mara’s perfect in every way, full Peruvian & ready to breed this fall. 

Histogram:  17.5 mic, 3.9SD, 0.8 + 30, 99.2 CF at 9 months.

We’re thinking of FIA Rocky Bay for her match.  


Xanadu P FinaleFull Peruvian granddaughter of Accoyo Caligula, too.
Beautiful adult fineness like all
Barnabus kids to go with
A great frame and typey head. Ready to breed now.
She’s already given us a very good
Snowstorm cria.
Histogram: 18.1 mic, 3.6 SD, 19.7% CV & 0.9% + 30 at 3rd shear
We’d match her with
TGF Royal Tribute to bring out the dark in her pedigree.


Xanadu P Insouciance– “Susie” is our first Barnabus cria from our foundation mom,
Windstar’s BellaMiranda.  We were so pleased we bred mom back the same way.

She’s still a juvenile so we don’t have a histogram on her yet,

but her fleece is  ultrafine and buttery soft.

As you can see she has great bone and style, too.  Photo is at just 6 months.

EastWind's Snowstorm would be a good match.


#2 - Full Peruvian Bred Females
Sustained Fine Fleece + Color
All Bred to Champion Herdsires

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Accoyo America Sheba


Windstar’s BellaMiranda

High Peak Freda


We’re discounting this package 20%

in celebration of our 20th Birthday


Package Price Only $19,200



Accoyo America Sheba – She’s the quality of foundation dam rarely for sale. 
Exceptional fineness & fleece architecture + she’s shown what she can do
with beautiful daughters from Presidio and Barnabus
3rd shear fleece and pregnant:  18.3 mic, 4.0 SD, 21 CV & 1.2% + 30. 
 She’s Bred to TGF Royal Tribute for fall.


Windstar’s BellaMiranda- Color Champion light fawn & 1st at AOBA Fleece show.

She’s already given us blue ribbon Barnabus & Lancaster girls

& is due shortly with another great Barnabus cria.

4th Shear fleece & pregnant: 18.7 mic, 3.8 SD, 20.3 CV & 0.9% + 30

She’s bred to Barnabus for an April, 2013 cria - overdue as of today!!


High Peak Freda  - Gorgeous bay black, full Peruvian daughter of 2 black parents,
 CPeruvian Black Hawk and Peruvian Camelot daughter, Camea.  Her fleece is fine and bright and

3rd shear fleece and pregnant, 21.4 mic. 3.8 SD, 17.9 CV

She’s bred to GWAS black color champion, EON King Solomon, for fall





Service Sires

Maple Brook Barnabus

EON King Solomon 

TGF Royal Tribute



#3 - “Getting Started The Right Way”
All with Fine & Uniform Fleece

Xanadu Siobhan – light fawn, 5/8 Peruvian with a top grey grandsire

+ Xanadu P Grace Note,   Accoyos Legacy & Grand Master granddaughter

+Xanadu Cassatt, pretty ¾ Peruvian girl with technicolor pedigree

All are guaranteed & ladies come with Xanadu breedings

+ Snowmass True North, a blue ribbon, proven Snowmass Artic Wind son.


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Xanadu P Shioban

AOA Ross x Accoyo Brutus

  Xanadu P GraceNote
            Accoyos Grand Master & Legacy

Xanadu Cassatt

Presidio x Peruvian Glacier


Special Package $12,800


Xanadu P Siobhan – Gorgeous 5/8 Peruvian, light fawn lady with medium rose grey herdsire, AOA Ross, as her grandsire. Luscious, dense fleece, beautiful head and style.
2nd shear histogram: 17.9 mic, 4.3 SD, 24.2% CV & 0.8% + 30 with 99.2 CF
Ready to breed this fall. Xanadu Breeding/breed her to your grey.

Xanadu P Grace Note Grace combines Accoyo Grand Master & Accoyo Legacy genetics. 
Sustained fine architecture fleece with great. Her Snowstorm son has elite fleece.

4th year histogram, 21.7, 4.3 SD, 19.7 CV.  Ready to breed NOW!

Either FIA Rocky Bay or TGF Royal Tribute would be a good match to bring out color.    


Xanadu Cassatt – This Presidio granddaughter has a lovely adult fineness to her fleece
and brings a ¾ Peruvian heritage with Peruvians Drambuie & Glacier + true black & grey.
2nd shear histogram: 18.6 mic, 3.6 SD, 19.5% CV, 0.5%+30 + 99.5% CF
Ready to Breed this Fall. We’d choose our home-grown
Barnabus son, Adorno


Proven Herdsire - Snowmass True North

Snowmass Artic Wind x Snowmass Q Seraphina

 (Snowmaster/Snowmass Monarch)


A Proven, blue ribbon herdsire from premium Snowmaster genetics




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Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Farm Address:
7641 Xanadu Farm Drive
Frederick, CO 80504