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303-902-1741 (C)    303-651-0785 (Fax)

Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Farm Address:
7641 Xanadu Farm Drive
Frederick, CO 80504




September 2013


"And the Creek did Rise"

We were caught in the middle of the severe flooding in northern Colorado
 but were fortunate to escape flooding on the farm.
 These views are from our barn and our entrance road. Whew.

Our little South Boulder Creek grew from a 12 foot wide, 30ci per minute creek to 6000ci overnight
and became a 1/4 mile wide torrent. Although our area suffered severe property damage,
all of our neighboring alpaca breeders came through without substantial losses and people and alpacas are OK.

Instant "Riverfront Property" Xanadu Farm Entrance under 1/4 mile of River



Our New Farm Assistants

We welcome our new manager of the farm side of the business, Nathan Styffe, and my new partner in caring for the alpacas, Ashley Miller. Ashley's brother Matt has been helping us on the farm for the past 7 years and is now a senior in wildlife biology at CSU.
We want to thank Karen and Mike Dinnel for 3 years of great care of our alpacas and wish them the best in their move.

With the price of hay here at $14 per small bale and realizing we need to mow our 16 acres of irrigated pasture every week anyway, we decided to add "hay farmer" to our resume this fall. Nathan, Dale and I stood by scribbling in our notebooks as the local farm equipment guy explained how everything worked and watched each of us make a wobbly "practice run" around the hay field. He was very patient and didn't laugh when the first bales came out 12 inches long. I think we've got it down now and look forward to a full cutting next week.





#1 - Full Peruvian, Blue Ribbon Barnabus Daughters

A Special Opportunity to Buy Beautifully Matched,
Elite Full Peruvian ˝ Sisters.


Xanadu P Finesse


Xanadu P Insouciance



Package $13,500


Package Description


Xanadu P Finesse – Finesse is a two time blue ribbon winner with the lovely
fineness and architecture we expect from
2nd Shear 16.7 mic, 3.5 SD, 20.9 CV 0.5% +30 and 99.5% CF
Mom, Grazing Hill’s Delicious, is a solid producer in our Foundation Female Herd
and brings equally fine fleece to Finesse’s pedigree.

Xanadu P Insouciance – “Susie” is our first Barnabus cria from our foundation mom, Windstar's Bella Miranda. We were so pleased we bred mom back the same way
and just had a little boy,
Xanadu P Marcel, who is a duplicate.
12 month fleece: 16.3 mic, 3.9 SD, 23.8 CV, 0.6% + 30 and a 99.4% CF
As you can see she has great bone and style, too. Photo is at just 6 months.

Snowstorm or FIA Rocky Bay would be great matches for both ladies.  





#2 - Getting Started Right

All with Fine & Uniform Fleece

La Finca’s Alexia – sustained fineness and breeding to Barnabus
+ Xanadu P Grace Note,   Accoyos Legacy/Grand Master granddaughter breeding to
+Xanadu Cassatt, pretty ¾ Peruvian girl with technicolor pedigree
and breeding to Xanadu P Adorno
All are guaranteed.

La Finca Alexis

Legacy Granddaughter

Xanadu P Grace Note

 Grand Master/ Legacy granddtr

Xanadu Cassatt

Presidio x Peruvian Glacier



 Package Price $11,500


La Finca’s Alexis  - This young, full Peruvian female is a daughter of
Accoyo Legacy son,
Snowmass White Gold, and has the adult sustained fine fleece we
focus on.  Her first daughter has wonderful fleece architecture and brightness, too.
Her 3rd year histogram is a fine & uniform 20.6 mic, 3.4 SD, 16.6 CV and 0.9% + 30.
Breeding Now To

   Xanadu P Grace Note Grace combines Accoyo Grand Master & Accoyo Legacy genetics. 
 Sustained fine fleece with great architecture.
Ask to see the highly-evolved fleece from her
Snowstorm son.
4th year histogram, 21.7, 4.3 SD, 19.7 CV. 
Breeding this Fall to


 Xanadu Cassatt - This Presidio granddaughter has a lovely adult fineness to her fleece
and brings a ¾ Peruvian heritage with Peruvians Drambuie & Glacier + true black & grey.
2nd shear histogram: 18.6 mic, 3.6 SD, 19.5% CV, 0.5%+30 + 99.5% CF

Breeding now to fawn, multiple champion, Rocky Bay.







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303-902-1741 (C)    303-651-0785 (Fax)

Mailing Address:
1531 Preserve Drive
Frederick, CO 80504

Farm Address:
7641 Xanadu Farm Drive
Frederick, CO 80504